Khabat Power Plant Creates Value for Northern Iraq

Construction works of 2×150 MW Khabat Combined Cycle Power Plant undertaken by GAMA Power Systems team in Erbil, Northern Iraq, have been completed successfully despite the difficult conditions of the region. Provisional acceptance of the first unit of the power plant, whose owner is the Ministry of Electricity of the Northern Iraq Regional Government, was made in January 2020 and acceptance of the second unit was made in February 2020. Khabat Power Plant, which has been commissioned, makes a significant contribution to the increasing energy needs of Iraq after starting power generation totaling 1,600 GWh annually, which corresponds to about 8,5% of the installed capacity in the Northern Iraq region.
Based on GAMA’s experience in the construction of power plants totaling 30 GW; design and procurement of powerhouses, infrastructure works and all construction and erection works at the site as well as design and procurement of mechanical and electrical BOP systems within the scope of the project have been completed successfully. In the project where the number of active workers at the site has reached 2.035 during the construction, Occupational Health and Safety policies have always been prioritized by GAMA and approximately 16 million man-hours without an accident have been achieved.
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