400 MW Tynagh Combined Cycle Power Plant, Ireland

400 MW Tynagh Combined Cycle Power Plant

Tynagh Energy Limited has built Galway’s first power generation facility. The circa €300 million power plant is a modern state-of-the art facility using the latest in advanced engineering technology. It uses the cleanest available fuel, natural gas, which significantly reduces emissions of carbon dioxide. For the first time, Galway city and the region has a reliable and efficient source of power.

Approximately 30 years life-span power plant was built under a turnkey contract with a consortium of General Electric Company / General Electric International Inc. and GAMA Power Systems Inc. The gas turbine used is a GE 9FA design. F-class gas turbines were developed in the late 1980s and are considered commercially proven with a track record of high availability and reliability. The steam turbine is a GE A15 ‘HEAT’ (high efficiency advanced technology) model, with a GE 9A5 electrical generator. The designs of both the A15 steam turbine and the 9A5 electrical generator were developments from previous GE models that are fully proven technology. These are logical evolutions from previous models and incorporate GE’s comprehensive design process and field-testing facilities which are without doubt world-class.

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Galway, Ireland

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Tynagh Energy Ltd (TEL)

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GAMA Power Systems - GE Energy Consortium

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Project Duration

24 Months (March 2004 - March 2006)