February, 2021

Great Success at RADES

Congratulations to whole GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc. Team at Tunisia for commencing HRSG steam blows. Under pandemic and extremely difficult circumstances, it is a remarkable achievement.


The Largest And Regionally The Most Efficient Power Plant Of Bahrain Has Been Completed: 1.800 MW ALBA PS5 Combined Cycle Power Plant

1800 MW ALBA Power Plant has been completed as an investment of Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C (ALBA). GAMA Power Systems, one of the world’s leading EPC companies in the field of power plants, has completed the turnkey construction of 1800 MW ALBA PS5 Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant together with General Electric under the contract […]

December, 2020

Khabat Power Plant Creates Value for Northern Iraq

Construction works of 2×150 MW Khabat Combined Cycle Power Plant undertaken by GAMA Power Systems team in Erbil, Northern Iraq, have been completed successfully despite the difficult conditions of the region. Provisional acceptance of the first unit of the power plant, whose owner is the Ministry of Electricity of the Northern Iraq Regional Government, was […]

October, 2020

6 Million Man-Hours w/o LTI

RADES-C 450 MW CCPP Project which is executed by GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc. has successfully achieved 6 Million Man-hours without any Lost Time Incident LTII) on September 30th, 2020. Congratulations to RADES Team. All eyes on safety.

September, 2020

Ankara Chamber of Commerce Visited GAMA

The Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Gürsel Baran and the Vice Chairman of ATO Halil İbrahim Yılmaz visited GAMA Holding on September 7th 2020. Mr. Baran and Mr. Yılmaz were greeted by GAMA Holding Chairman of the Board Ömer Tunçata, GAMA Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board Hakan Özman, GAMA Holding Board Members […]

August, 2020

21 Years in the ENR List

As GAMA, we are proud to be consistently ranked in the ENR List of Top International Contractors for 21 years. We would like to thank the entire GAMA family for their efforts and contributions.

June, 2020

We Have Achieved Our Goal!

For a sustainable future the importance of energy efficiency is increasing day by day in our world. Since 2013, the ISO 50001 Energy Management System has been implemented in our GAMA headquarters in order to increase energy efficiency. As a result of our efforts we achieved our 2019 goals by reducing electricity consumption by % 14,9 and natural […]

March, 2020

ALBA CCPP Project has been selected as “National Winner”

We are pleased to announce that 1800 MW ALBA Potline 6 Expansion, Power Station-5 Combined Cycle Power Plant, which has been recently completed by GAMA Power Systems and General Electric consortium, has been selected as “National Winner” for “the Power Generation Project of the Year” category at the MEED Projects Awards 2020. Congratulations to GAMA […]