Vision, Mission and Values


To be a digital company capable of working in every corner of the world that can provide technical solutions and financing to its customers for all kinds of energy plants  under most competitive conditions.


GAMA Power Systems Inc. is a company that delivers turnkey power plants. GAMA Power Systems aims to complete the projects it has undertaken by meeting customers’ expectations under competitive conditions, and while doing so; will not make any compromises regarding occupational safety, quality and environmental sensitivity and will aim to achieve sustainable growth in a profitable way.



We Build Trust First.

For GAMA “Reliability”; is commitment to principles, rules and standards, under any circumstance. We take full responsibility for all our decisions and all projects that carry GAMA’s name.

Development and Change

Our Development Is Our Future.

For GAMA, “development and change” is to continuously invest in advancement and innovation, starting with ourselves, and to accomplish even higher achievements with our passion for learning and sharing.

Passion for Success

We move forward with determination and passion.

For GAMA; Passion for Success is being proud of your work and adding your passion, determination, patience and courage visibly to your work every day.

Adaptive Collaboration

We Work Together, Create Value Together.

For GAMA; “Adaptive Collaboration” is to develop productive professional relationships in different environments with different individuals according to the principles of respect, understanding, conciliation, synergy and teamwork.

Valuing People

We build our heritage with the “Value Given to People”.

For GAMA; “Human Value” is to accept everyone as individuals first, respecting and appreciating them, regardless of any kind of status, level or competence.