About Us

GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc.

GAMA Power Systems is an affiliate of GAMA Holding which specializes in EPC  Projects (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction). In addition to the turnkey construction of power plants, the company is also experienced in the construction of new units that will increase the capacity of existing facilities of customers and / or renovation projects of power plants.

GAMA Power Systems provides its customers with an uninterrupted and complete turnkey service package, structuring its operations to include “engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and warranty period services and spare part support” in order to provide the most efficient service to its customers in realizing their power plant investments.

GAMA Power Systems, which has the flexibility and ability to serve in different cultural, social and geographical conditions of the world, has taken its place among the leading EPC companies in the world regarding power plants.

GAMA became the First Energy Contractor of Turkey

GAMA, which started its operations in 1959, founded Fenni and GAMA Construction Group Ltd. in 1962 to operate in the fields of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installation, which at that time was only performed by foreign companies, and undertook the representation of “Babcock and Wilcox”, an American company considered the inventor of the steam boilers used in thermal power plants. GAMA Holding successfully completed the design, supply of materials, manufacturing, installation, operation and service of many steam boilers and accessories. GAMA aimed to focus on technology-based industrial plant construction, primarily power plants, which were not built by Turkish companies until that date. As a subcontractor of Babcock Wilcox  in 1963, GAMA successfully completed the boiler installation of the Mersin Thermal Power Plant. GAMA immediately after this success became the first Turkish company to obtain a qualification in industrial plant construction from the World Bank and with this qualification undertook the general installation of the 4 × 25 MW Mersin Thermal Power Plant in 1964 and therefore started the era of turnkey industrial plant construction in Turkey, and became the first energy contractor of Turkey.

GAMA Boiler Technology expands and GAMA Power Systems is founded

GAMA’s knowledge of steam production has not only been limited to boilers but also the performance impacts of the steam power equipment and the Company’s activities in the energy sector have brought GAMA to a level where complex construction of power plants can be undertaken.  As a natural consequence of reaching such a high level of capacity, the main fields of activity of GAMA Boiler Technology Inc., which was founded in 1990, was expanded with the participation of power systems  and in 2002 the company name was amended as GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc.

Since 2002, GAMA Power Systems has attained a strategic status in a wide geographical area in the field of “EPC” (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) based turn-key projects of simple and combined cycle power plants, especially gas turbines. In a short period of time, the company has made significant progress and has undertaken the turn-key construction of global projects.